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Tile Cutting

A De Cecco is the only tile supplier in Scotland which can offer an in-house service which allows tiles to be prepared and cut to suit the individual requirements of each job.

Thanks to investment in a specialist tile-cutting saw, A De Cecco can meet its customers bespoke needs without incurring the additional costs usually associated with specifying additional features at the point of manufacture.

The tile-cutting saw can deliver a flexible solution, adapting tiles with a range of features including edge finishing for a bullnose round edge, rounded top edge, non-slip bullnose edge step tread, as well as decorative finishes which provide a non-slip surface to the tile. The ability to deliver this unique service offers our customer a considerable cost saving compared to buying tiles with pre-cut edges or surfaces.

From a plain tile, A De Cecco can provide a range of features which would normally involve extra cost or time to the customer if ordered as special requirements from a manufacturer.

To find out more about our tile cutting service and highly-competitive rates, please visit our Contact Us page and get in touch.

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